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Corporate Vision: 
Strive to be the best local logistics services integrator
Corporate Tenet: 
Good return on shareholders and employees——Continuous pursuit and constant improvement
Give full play to the talents of employees——Attach importance to ability cultivation and make the best use of the strengths of everyone
Customer Loyalty——Customer first and win-win future
Suppliers willing to cooperate——Good supporting and win-win development
Social Quality Improvement——Build E&T's brand recognition and improve E&T's reputation
Operation Philosophy:
Quality based, professional first and integrity oriented
Corporate Spirit:
United, dedicated, pragmatic and innovative
Management Philosophy:
Organizational Structure –Better staff and simpler administration
Service Quality – Strive for excellence
Cost Capital – Careful calculation and strict budgeting
Daily Management – Intensive and meticulous management 
Employee Team – Careful and meticulous cultivation 
Service Concept: 
Customers'satisfaction is our pursuit
Corporate Culture of E&T Intl-Trans
Integrity: honesty comes the first in all the virtues; credit is the fundamental for all matters; integrity is the core of E&T Intl-Trans Culture.
Gratitude: drips of beneficent water must be repaid with overflowing fountains of gratitude; gratitude is the principle for E&T Intl-Trans employees.
Respect: E&T Intl-Trans hopes that everyone in the company can feel greatness and loftiness and experience the meaning of life at work by establishing the culture of mutual respect.
Cooperation: E&T Intl-Trans pursues win-win and long-term cooperation.
Sharing: the supreme wisdom is the wisdom shared with others; only shared idea is powerful; a team will cease to grow without sharing.
Innovation: innovation is to reintegrate the existing resources and is critical for development of E&T Intl-Trans; the ultimate expression of innovation is to keep pace with the times.