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Customs Pre-coding of goods classified

E&T was among the first group of 23 enterprises which got the certification of Customs socialized pre-coding service. 7 staffs have obtained diplomas of pre-coding service. Having engaged in such field for years, we have gained sound experience and stable clients. We shall provide our customers with superior and effective service. Please find below contact points for more information:

Shipping import and export customs clearance service

The Customs Affair Department of our company is dedicated to customs declaration service for ocean import and export with service outlets in Shanghai Shipping Exchange and at each ports. Our Customs Affair Department has years of experiences on customs clearance for special trades, including temporary import and export, foreign contracted export and customs transit for import and export, and it can provide a package plan from customs pre-classification to customs declaration and commodity inspection.


Mr. Huang Tel:021-35110577 13801696700

Mr. Zhang Tel:021-65591600--305 13917642190

To know detailed information on application for customs pre-classification, please visit our official website: HOME>Solutions > Downloads> Download application form template.Click me.

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